: How does Gator-RC ship orders?

A: Domestic orders Most domestic orders are shipped via priority Mail with a tracking number emailed to you so you can follow your shipment. Some lightweight domestic orders can ship First Class mail at your option however, there is no tracking ability or delivery confirmation. Airplane shipments are via FedEx Ground service.

Q:  What is the best way for my package to be shipped international?

International orders: We normally ship via Express, Priority Mail, or First-Class mail service.

First Class mail has little or no tracking ability so we cannot help finding your shipment after it leaves our warehouse. Please note that First Class Mail to some countries can take up to 2 months for delivery, therefore we suggest using Priority Mail which has tracking ability and less transit time. We cannot estimate transit time for First Class Mail shipments due to the lack of tracking information on the package.

Q: Why is there are $55 oversize shipping fee added to many airplanes?

A: FedEx (and UPS) add an oversize surcharge of $55 anytime the package is over 130” in length + girth. This fee is in addition to the shipping charge. Additionally, many airplanes are charged by “dimensional weight” because the boxes are large but not very heavy so you might end up paying a 75lb rate for your airplane box that weighs only 15lbs. Again, these are policies of the shipping companies, not Gator-RC

Q:  How can I track my packages?

A:  You will receive your tracking number via email when the package is shipped out.  If you have created an account you can also login and tracking your package from the order placed. 

You may also visit the following websites to track your packages or feel free to contact us at 1-800-380-9373.

Q:  I am an International customer.  Can I use a mail forwarding service to have my package delivered?

A:  If you choose to have your package sent to a mail forwarding company please note that upon acceptance of delivery at the mail forwarding company, we consider the package being fully delivered.  Unfortunately, we cannot cover items that have been lost or damaged in that process.  There is some risk involved on our customer's part when deciding to choose that route of delivery.  Gator-RC will not cover lost or missing merchandise that has been sent through a forwarding company.  Please take care when picking out a mail forwarding service to make sure they are reliable and have a good track record of customer satisfaction.


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